Benjamin M Brown

First Attempt at Scientific Speed Reading & Accelerated Learning brought me to a post on Tim Ferriss’ blog covering Scientific Speed Reading. The goals of this method are to increase reading speed by:

  • Minimizing the number and time spent fixating words
  • Eliminating regression (no re-reading)
  • Increasing peripheral vision span and registration of words

Its a very technical method in which you basically train your eye movement by guiding it with your finger or a pen, while focusing on reducing unnecessary movements & fixations of the eyes.

Initial Results from first attempt

I had some free time so I took Tim up on the challenge. Reading the Fountainhead as my book of choice for this test, my baseline was 800.4 WPM. After my first pass through the training/conditioning techniques, I bumped it up to 883.2.

10.34% improvement in reading speed.

VERY promising!

I am planning on retraining myself on my flight home to Chicago on Monday morning. I will post the result of this next training session here on my blog.

Read more about the method here.

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